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Burton Wildlife Rescue and The Linjoy Sanctuary is a 24 hour emergency rescue service for British wildlife and poultry/waterfowl in the UK.

We are a recognised charity with the HMRC ref XT15867 and run entirely on public donations. We operate from two sites - Burton on Trent and Etwall - and take in wildlife from the midlands and other areas in an emergency.

We take ALL species of wildlife regardless of conservational status and aim to rehabilitate and return to the wild. Where this is not possible we offer sanctuary to those animals that can live happily in captivity with a good quality of life.


Telephone : 07780 742748 (24 hour)

'Giving Wildlife a Helping Hand All Year Round!

Please consider giving a Donation

Bringing in an injured animal? Please consider giving a donation. As a private charity we receive no government or corporate funding or grants. It costs us approx £1500 a month to operate the rescue.

If you are requesting a call out to collect an animal such as a bird, we may ask you to contribute to the fuel if the situation is not an emergency or an animal that is requiring capture/rescue from its surroundings.

Please telephone on 07780742748 before bringing us an injured animal.

Bringing in an injured animal?

Injured animals and donations can be dropped off at the following address:

15 Lincoln Road
Burton on Trent
DE15 9HP

NOTE: Due to the nature of our work, we are not open to the public and visits to the sanctuary are strictly by appointment only.

Founded In Loving Memory of Joyce and Bill Barlow

About Our Rescue

The Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary and Animal Rescue Centre was founded in March 2008 in memory of Joyce and Bill Barlow who were tragically murdered in October 2007. Their love of animals and the countryside inspired the founder to establish the centre in their honour. Lindsay (founder) is a qualified veterinary nurse and has devoted her life to caring for injured and orphaned wild animals.