The Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary & Rescue

Badger Rescue - Wild Life Sanctuary

The sanctuary is located in Etwall with the animal hospital being located in Burton on Trent. We provide a 24 hour emergency cover for British wildlife within a 25 mile radius but we will travel further in an emergency or if the full cost of fuel is donated.

We also take in unwanted, injured and abandoned poultry and small domestic animals. We assist the police with wildlife issues and emergencies as well as working with other rescues around the UK.

We rescue ALL wildlife regardless of species or status including foxes, squirrels, pigeons, swans, gulls, birds and Canada geese.

Telephone : 07780 742748 (24 hour)

Linjoy Sanctuary - Etwell

In 2011 we opened our current sanctuary in Etwall. Named 'Linjoy' after the founder Lindsay and her nan, Joyce Barlow, the sanctuary is home to over 300 animals all of varying species including poultry, waterfowl, pigeons, rabbits, foxes, swans and other wild animals.

Linjoy Wildlife Animal Sanctuary - Hedgehog Rescue

Those animals that can not be returned to the wild but can live a good quality of life are provided sanctuary within our grounds. Injured animals are taken to the rescues hospital site in Burton on Trent.

Our Sanctuary is set in 4.5 acres of land in the countryside and is split into sections including a wildlife section , stables, four large paddocks and three smaller paddocks as well as a domestic animal section. We also have a pond with an island that is large enough to allow our waterbirds to have a good swim.

Wildlife Sanctuary - Etwell

We are an Independent Wildlife Sanctuary

Linjoy Wildlife Animal Sanctuary - Fox Rescue

We are an independent sanctuary and couldn't operate without kind hearted animal lovers as all of the day to day costs are funded by generous donations from the public.

We are not part of or funded by The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, St Tiggywinkles, RSPCA or any other charity.

If you are leaving an animal with us, if you can, please leave a donation however small to help our rescue centre function.